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3 Reasons Why LUZIA by Cirque du Soleil is the Must-See Show This Summer

31 August 2017

Every couple of years, Cirque du Soleil sets up its iconic blue and yellow tent at Atlantic Station for a show that is sure to blow your mind. This year, however, Cirque du Soleil not only changed up the colour of their tent; they also created a unique production unlike any show you have ever seen before that will transport you to a surreal world of wonders.

Here are 3 reasons why you should attend:

1) Water inside the big top

LUZIA is the first Cirque du Soleil show to feature water as a central element of the production. Not only is it a beautiful addition to the show’s aesthetics, artists even perform their acts under a rain curtain and in a pool of water!

2) Incredible puppets and props

A flower dress that blooms in front of your eyes. A stunning silver horse galloping on a treadmill. A jaguar that is so life-like you forget there are 2 people inside the costume. That’s how LUZIA takes props and puppetry to a larger-than-life level.

3) Epic contortion

Although all the acts are worth-seeing, this one will leave your jaw dropped. An unbelievable, mind –bending (not to mention body-bending) performance that will astonish even the most fervent Cirque du Soleil fans. You need to see it for yourself to believe it!

BONUS: The rest of the acts are just as impressive

From Hoop diving on a giant treadmills to Trapeze and Cyr Wheel under the rain , you’ll be catching your breath during the intermission, thinking that the second half of the show could not be more impressive. That’s when LUZIA steps it up even more:  hypnotizing aerial routines, the world’s fastest juggler and daring leaps at crazy heights from Russian Swings….the acrobats of LUZIA will blow you away.

Do not miss out on the latest Cirque du Soleil show in Atlanta, head over to and grab your tickets!