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Can't Stop, Won't Stop Eating NaanStop

12 October 2018


We’re thrilled NaanStop will be at Taste of Atlanta next weekend! This delicious fast-casual Indian restaurant uses fresh ingredients and prepares each dish from scratch. That’s probably why the lines are always out the door to get your hands on their most popular dishes. NaanStop’s samosa has won “Atlanta’s Best Savory Pastry” since 2014. This crispy fried pastry stuffed with spiced potatoes and mom’s special spice blend is incredibly satisfying. NaanStop makes each samosa by hand- just one of the elements that shows the care NaanStop puts into every dish they serve.


If you haven’t tried a samosa before, get ready to have a new favorite food. This dish can be equated to other cultural staples- similar to an empanada stuffed with potatoes or a Jewish knish. It has the same crunchy breading on the outside and soft, pillowy potatoes on the inside. NaanStop will be serving these samosas both Saturday, October 20th and Sunday, October 21st at Taste of Atlanta! Ensure you can try this fantastic pastry by buying your tickets to Taste of Atlanta! Click here for more info + tickets.IMG_3804

Besides quick-served samosas, NaanStop has a variety of menu items. In the photo above, features a Naanwich a.k.a a wrap made in a Naan, the classic Indian flatbread. This Naanwich, in particular, is stuffed with Indian turkey sausage and a variety of vegetables and sauces. IMG_3706Another fan-favorite at NaanStop? Build your own bowl. Start with a base of rice or greens, then add your choice of protein and veggies. In the bowl pictured above, rice was the base, Chicken Tikka Masala the protein, enhanced with vegetables and a dollop of yogurt & cilantro chutney.

The best parts of NaanStop are the quick service, the customizable menu and, of course, the signature samosas that will be offered at Taste of Atlanta. Last chance for tickets- click here to get yours!