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O-ku's New Menu Additions

25 January 2017


O-ku Atlanta just added 3 delectable dishes to their menu. Read recipes below to see what makes them so special!

1. Seared Scallops


6 pc 20-30 sushi scallops

1 tsp edamame puree

1 tsp carrot puree

1 tsp Kabocha puree

2 tsp bell pepper mignonette sauce

1 tsp pomegranate gelee


1. Place scallop in hot pan with oil.

2. Cook scallops for 1-1 1/2 minutes per side.

3. Plate cooked scallops with pomegranate gelee and pepper minonette sauce.

4. Dress plate with dots of edamame puree, carrot puree and kabocha puree.

2. Seared Wagyu Tartare


2 oz Fine minced Wagyu beef

1 tsp green onion

2 oz black squid ink rice (squid ink, sugar, mayonnaise)

1 oz garlic Ponzu sauce (soy sauce, lemon juice, sake and sugar)

1/2 tsp BBQ sauce (soy sauce, water, sugar, and ground pear)

1/2 tsp Uni


1. Place black sushi rice in ring about halfway.

2. Put green onion on top of rice.

3. Place Waygu beef on top of green onion and press.

4. Brush BBQ sauce on beef and torch.

5. Place Uni on top and torch (optional).

3. Half Shell Oysters


Raw Virginia oysters

Jelly fish, finely chopped

Shiso leaf (Japanese basil)


Mirin (sweet rice wine)

Ponzu sauce (soy, lemon juice, mirin)


White truffle oil


1.    Mix together chopped jelly fish and shiso leaf.

2.    Add coriander and mirin to mixture and let age for at least one day.

3.    Plate each oyster with jellyfish mixture, ponzu and caviar.

4.    Garnish each oyster with a light amount of white truffle on top.

Chef Jackie from O-ku Atlanta

Photo by Heidi Geldhauser

Most recently, Chang spent the past two years at Umi Buckhead where he served as the restaurants lead chef and trained beneath renowned chef Fuyuhiko Ito. Prior to relocating to Atlanta and joining the city’s thriving culinary scene, Chang attended college at Mercer University while also working for his sister’s restaurant Mandarin, a notable Chinese restaurant in Georgia, where he continued to evolve his style and eventually worked his way up to executive chef. Before moving to the states, Chang additionally served with the Kitchen Police in the South Korean military for three years.

Though Chang’s passion for the culinary arts branches from his childhood traditions, as the executive chef of O-Ku he now celebrates that same traditional Japanese cuisine through his unique blend of tradition and innovation that has made him a game-changer within Atlanta’s culinary scene. In his spare time, Chang loves fishing, traveling and spending time with his two beautiful daughters.