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3 May 2017

BON WaverlyPizza_271 1[1]

The new restaurant on the block is Rize Artisan Pizza and Salads. With locations in Poncey-Highlands and Sandy Springs, Rize is hitting up Atlanta’s neighborhood hot spots. The restaurant is cooking for a crowd at Food That Rocks this Saturday, May 6th! All the food on Rize’s menu is fresh, hand-crafted, beautifully plated and utilizes bold and global flavors. Despite having “pizza” in their name, Rize will be serving tastes of 2 other popular dishes from their menu. Get your tickets to Food That Rocks to try both dishes as well as food from 24 other Sandy Springs restaurants. Buy here before they sell out:

Food That Rocks Menu Item #1:

Charred cauliflower florets with maple sesame dressing, spiced walnuts and pomegranate seeds.

BON Rize Midtown 90[2] Food That Rocks Menu Item #2:

Grilled pork meatballs with fire roasted tomato and shaved Grana Padano (a.k.a. a delicious hard cheese similar to Parmesan). Disclaimer: the meatballs will be served without pasta at the event.