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Southern Bistro's Savory Egg Rolls

22 February 2017

If you’re in the mood for a dish that’s equal parts comforting and flavorful, Southern Bistro’s berkshire ham & collard green egg rolls are right up your alley. This Sandy Springs restaurant has now become a staple ever since Chef Ron Eyester stepped in the kitchen. Read his egg roll recipe below and learn how “The Angry Chef” got his notorious nickname.

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Ham Eggroll Filling

1 QT Chopped Cabbage

2 Cups Julienned Collards

2 Cups Julienned Carrots (USE MANDOLIN)

2 Cups Finely Diced Berkshire Ham

½ Cup Chopped Scallion

¼ Cup Chopped Cilantro

¼ Cup Smooth Dijon Mustard

¼ Cup Sweet Chili Sauce

¼ Cup Rice Vinegar

Zest & Juice 1 Lime

S & P TT


Combine all ingredients except ham, allow mixture to rest for 10-15 minutes and then fold in ham.

Brush eggroll wrapper with eggwash and place approximately 1.5 tablespoon of filling in the center of the eggroll wrapper and roll tightly.


Southern Bistro Ron Eyester headshot[2]

About Southern Bistro’s Chef, Ron Eyester:

Growing up on Long Island, Eyester has always been exposed to food on an elevated level. After graduating college from The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina, Eyester decided to head back to New York for graduate school. While pursuing a Masters Degree in Literature and trying to “find his way,” Ron essentially stumbled upon his lifelong passion in almost an accidental manor. For the next 20 years, Ron would define his life through food and the many incredible elements that the restaurant fraternity inevitably brings to all of its members.

Although New York provided the initial spark, Charleston is where Eyester would truly cut his teeth and begin to forge his path as a chef. Trying to absorb as much as possible in these early years, Charleston and its many low-country traditions, would end up being a heavy influence on his cooking style.

Looking for a city with more culinary credibility, Eyester would ultimately make his way to Atlanta. He would settle in as Sous Chef for 101 Concepts restaurant group where he would eventually take his presence beyond the kitchen, developing his skills to become a restaurant owner.

Southern Bistro's house cured salmon with pickled red onion, capers, crumbled egg & grilled bread

Southern Bistro’s house cured salmon with pickled red onion, capers, crumbled egg & grilled bread

As the chef/partner of Food 101 in Morningside, Eyester would find his niche in neighborhood dining and eventually purchase the space outright in 2008. For the next year he would develop his own concept, establishing his first restaurant Rosebud. In his mission to provide sustainable American cooking, Eyester would end up playing a key role in developing a connection between restaurants and local farms, eventually earning him GRA’s Restaurant Innovator of the Year award. He became heavily involved in organizations and efforts that supported the “eat local” movement, including various farmers markets, organizations such as Georgia Organics and Slow Food Atlanta and playing an instrumental role with the Field of Greens festival.

From cooking at the James Beard House, to hosting elaborate music-inspired dinners and opening 3 more local eateries, Eyester would continue to push himself as a chef. With a heavy influence from the NY diners in which he grew up eating at, Eyester would bring the importance of breakfast food combined with the hearty comfort of southern cuisine to redefine the philosophy of brunch.


The Bay of Fundy Salmon dish served with cauliflower puree, pickled fennel, fried capers & apricot-mustard glaze is a Southern Bistro favorite

The Bay of Fundy Salmon dish served with cauliflower puree, pickled fennel, fried capers & apricot-mustard glaze is a Southern Bistro favorite

During his years in the industry, Eyester has become well known for his larger than life personality that wasn’t afraid to be heard. He took to Twitter confessing a behind-the-scenes look at this chaotic industry and what started as a small rant, would become a huge social media uproar, developing his online persona “The Angry Chef”. From this notoriety, he would carry that publicly transparent personality to a national level, competing on the 12th season of Top Chef.

With his brand expanding in so many different directions, Eyester struggled to establish the balance between chef and restaurant owner. Feeling the displacement resulting from his absence in the kitchen, Eyester ultimately made the decision to close and sell his eateries and re-evaluate his place within the industry. Shortly thereafter, his longtime friend and former Food 101 colleague, Nancy Goodrich reached out to him about working together. With a relentless passion for the industry it wasn’t long before Eyester jumped back in to the restaurant game, co-establishing his newest brand, Southern Bistro. His mission with Southern Bistro is to provide uncomplicated southern in uenced food, while still being very conscious of sourcing locally. Eyester believes that “dining out should be an experience, celebrating the very communal energy that food brings to the table and allowing us to truly reflect on the simple pleasure in life.” He emphasizes the importance on getting to know his guests to help the cooking and dining experience evolve. When he’s not in the restaurant, he is exposing his two young children Mydland and Cassidy to the Atlanta food scene and listening to his ridiculous amount of Grateful Dead shows.