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Summer Sizzlin' at Seven Lamps

16 August 2018

Seven Lamps is tucked in the corner of Shops Around Lenox and has been an Atlanta restaurant staple for several years. This creative and eclectic Italian-inspired cuisine always knocks it out of the park on the flavor spectrum. The atmosphere is intimate and warm and the menu is seasonal and spot on.


This Heirloom Tomato and Melon Salad isn’t the only dish from Seven Lamps getting our mouths watering! Comprised of compressed green tomato, cantaloupe puree, lemongrass curry and cilantro it’s bright, fresh and bursting with ripe-from-the-garden flavor. Seven Lamps beverage connoisseur, Vinnie, concocted a refreshing whisky + Mountain Dew with orange rind for pairing purposes.


A delightful contrast to this dish is the Confit Tater Tots. This tater tot dish is elevated to a richness we would like to consume everyday. The tots are also served with a glass filled with Raclette cheese fondue for dipping purposes…and some broccoli tempura for a green change of pace.

Everything you find on Seven Lamps menu is equal parts creative and satisfying. Taste this unique Atlanta gem any day of the week or buy your ticket to taste their dishes at Taste of Atlanta! The restaurant is on board for 2018 and we want you there too! Click here for more info and tickets: https://bit.ly/2n3L2Lf