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Where to Eat When Your Tax Refund Makes You Cry

18 April 2016


So you got your tax refund. While the average refund in Georgia is expected to be around $2,700, many of us are expecting much smaller checks from Uncle Sam. But we still want to celebrate, right? We still want to party like it’s $19.99 (or less)! And because we think you deserve the kind of luxury that tastes like more than it costs, here are some places that will make you want to immortalize them on Mount Spudmore.


Bell Street Burritos

With a location on Peachtree Street and another in Sweet Auburn Curb Market, Matt Hinton’s Bell Street Burritos is the kind of place you can get in and out of without breaking the bank. Whether your idea of heaven is a crispy-on-the-outside, gooey-on-the-inside quesadilla or a fat burrito, Bell Street will put a grin on your face. It’s also one of the few places you can get Cheerwine, to bring back memories of days before you had to worry about filing taxes.


Photo Credit: Thi. T.
Photo Credit: Thi. T.

Grindhouse Killer Burgers

Before you leave Sweet Auburn, you should swing by Grindhouse Killer Burgers, or jump off I85 at Cheshire Bridge and find the location near the corner of Cheshire Bridge and Piedmont. This place is full of retro-kit

sch toys – they even show movies for you to enjoy while you go Godzilla on a double patty and sweet potato fries. Tired of “build your own burger” joints where your bacon double cheeseburger ends up costing $15? Right?!? That’ll come in right around $9 at Grindhouse, so you’ll have a few bucks for that celebratory round of beers (but not at Sweet Auburn, that place doesn’t have booze). #priorities


Photo credit: Randy T.

Photo credit: Randy T.


New kid on the Inman Park block is AMER, a cocktail bar that serves snacks and small plates. Honestly, there ain’t nothin’ on Chef Adam Waller’s menu that you won’t want to eat, from the beet salad to the beef carpaccio or the simple egg salad. But let’s not be mistaken: if you’re at AMER, it’s for David Durnell’s cocktails. Whether you pick something shaken, stirred, built or a soda, you’ll feel like you won the lottery instead of got a tax refund. Standouts are Bone & Mast, a bourbon, rum, banana and reduced stout concoction that you will be drinking all summer, and the Yakuza Deathtrip, made from rum and a few fruit juices.

Photo credit: Liselle B.

Photo credit: Liselle B.


Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken

Chowdown downtown in the Mall at Peachtree Center. Krog Street Market and Ponce City Market might have put high end food courts on the hipster map, but Gus’s Fried Chicken has put itself in the kind of food court you thought went away with Circuit City, CD Warehouse and Blockbuster. This place has fried chicken for days, and all the Southern fixin’s you want – beans, slaw, okra, greens, mac ‘n’ cheese… as one Yelper put it, it’s a “fast track to a food coma.”

Where did you eat with your tax refund? Instagram a pic with the hashtag #TOATaxDay and we’ll share our favorites on social media. Anyone who makes a #MountSpudmore and ‘grams it will win a pair of Taste of Atlanta tickets for this year’s fest.

Photo credit: Erica B.

Photo credit: Erica B.