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12 October 2018

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Long Drink is a top selling category of alcoholic beverages in Finland – a Legend that is now available in America. The roots of long drinks go back to the 1952 Summer Games in Helsinki, Finland. The country of four million people was still poor and recovering from World War II. Full of pride for their country, the Finns wanted to give all athletes and tourists an unforgettable experience. However, the authorities had a serious concern – how to serve drinks quickly enough to all the visitors?!
To solve this they came up with a revolutionary idea of a new liquor drink and so the first long drinks were born. The people fell in love and demanded to keep them after the Games. Now The Legend of 1952 has finally been brought to America by the next generation of Finns who want the world to experience the refreshing and unique Finnish Long Drink. Cheers – Kippis! 
 At the bar
The Long Drink Co was formed by 3 Finn’s and an American friend in 2018. Since our launch 6 months ago, we have already started distributing nationally in 3 states; NY, CT, and now GA! We are proud of our history as a legendary beverage from Finland and are excited to share with our friends here in the USA! The Long Drink is a lightly carbonated beverage with unique tastes of natural grapefruit and juniper berry flavors with gin, which is produced here in the USA. You can now find Long Drink in major cities all over Georgia at your local package store, bar, or restaurant. 
Long Drink will also be at Taste of Atlanta next weekend, October 19th- 21st, serving up this refreshing canned gin drink. Still need tickets? Click here to get yours!


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